Boost Your Earnings

> By Driving Sales By Booking Appointments By Referrals By Closing Deals

Promote the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. Get paid to drive traffic, it’s that easy.

Ways To Get Paid..

Book Appointments

As a scheduler, your main function is to schedule appointments. This scheduler job position is posting online different sales magnets that will attract the best candidates.

Close The Sale

This role consists of meeting clients on pre-set sales appts and closing them virtually. A sales closer finalizes a sales deal with a client. Your duties are to find prospects, follow sales leads, discuss terms with potential customers, and convince them to sign a contract.

Referral Program

To encourage or recommend our digital services to your friends, family and colleagues. If your referral becomes a new client there's commission attach to the sale determining on the type of digital service.

Sales Recruiter

Sales Recruiter responsibilities include advertising jobs for sales roles, conducting screening calls and scheduling interviews.

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Sales Job Benefits

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