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As a scheduler, your main function is to schedule appointments, project timelines, meetings or anything else required by the company.

Appointment Setter Job Description 


We are searching for a personable, thorough Appointment Setter to contact prospective clients via internet. The Appointment Setter’s responsibilities include ascertaining whether potential clients might be interested in our products and services, and then scheduling a time for our Sales Representatives to meet with each client. You should also keep a log of the numbers you have dialed each day.

To be successful as an Appointment Setter, you should be determined to achieve and surpass each of your work-related goals. Ultimately, an outstanding Appointment Setter will demonstrate a thorough understanding of the sales process, including ways in which to garner clients’ interest in meeting with our Sales Representatives.

Appointment Setter Responsibilities:

  • Familiarizing yourself with essential details of our products and services.

  • Scheduling prospective clients using a sales magnet provided to you.

  • Accepting messages from prospective clients as they arise.

  • Fielding basic questions and concerns about the products and services we offer.

  • Scheduling a consultation between the prospective client and a Sales Representative.

  • Keeping a detailed log of calls, including those which were not answered.

  • Attempting to contact prospective clients who you have been unable to contact.

  • Informing the Manager of recurrent product-related complaints that warrant addressing.

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